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Equipping Hearts and Hands

"As we embark on this meaningful journey of spreading love, hope, and aid, we have compiled a comprehensive list of supplies that will play a vital role in making our mission trip a success.

These essential items will enable us to serve others, build connections, and make a lasting impact on the communities we are privileged to assist.

Let's come together as a church family and ensure we're fully prepared to bring positive change to those in need."



All Adult and Children’s Vitamins (expiration date after April 2024 for customs purposes)


Socks & Underwear

all ages, sizes & gender


Hygiene Items 

Toothbrush - adult/kid -Dental Floss -toothpaste -hand sanitizer -shampoo -conditioner -lotion -All Travel Size hygiene items


School Supplies 

paper -notebooks -pencils -folders - crayons



Small or Deflated sports balls (especially soccer)

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