Frequently Asked Missions Questions

Who have we partnered with to provide short term mission opportunities?

Great Commission Latin America (GCLA)

GCLA is a non-profit organization based in Miami, Florida that serves its affiliated new churches. They are a grass-roots movement of Hispanic churches operating in six countries and over 30 cities. 

“GLCA is committed to plant a growing church in every important city of Latin America. We empower believers to share the Gospel to the Hispanic world. . . we are bringing health services to the sick, education to children and leadership training to communities.  We have also developed projects to help single mothers become self-sufficient, and to restore health to the malnourished who are starving. However our greatest joy is that God is using us to bring people from eternal death to eternal life. This is the joy of bringing a taste of heaven to earth.”


New Hope Eurasia

New Hope Eurasia works to care, protect and assist all the children at risk in Eurasia, and to fight against human trafficking and any kind of violence against any children with a three-part strategy: educate the youths about the dangers of human trafficking, invite local churches to partner with them and nearby orphanages by finding and refurbishing homes for the youths when they leave the government-run institutions, and start transition homes where minors have a safe, loving, Christian environment until they can finish high school or trade school and gain the skills necessary to support themselves.

when is the gateway MEETIng for 2017 missions?

The Gateway meeting will be February 26, 2017 2:00 at Elevate Church. Here you will be able to have all of your questions answered as well as talk to all of the previous missionaries. 

How old do I need to be to participate?

In general, these trips are designed for adults 18 years or older if not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children between the age of 13 and 18 will be considered on a case by case basis if accompanied by an adult. Please talk with your mission coordinator (John Huie or Mark Kohler) about your specific circumstance when considering taking a minor on the trip.

Are there physical requirements?

Not specifically, each person is of value and can use their skills in many different ways; however, travel (especially in less developed countries) can be difficult. If you have any special physical or medical conditions that could present an issue, please talk to your mission coordinator as early as possible.

What is our goal while outside the USA?

To encourage the local church, whether that is helping to do construction, doing community service work, or simply spreading joy and love to the people we are serving; we want to be flexible and serve wherever needed.

What training will be provided before the trip?

Our mission preparation includes a series of meetings that will teach you how to gather financial support, how to be aware of cultural sensitivities, how to effectively share your personal testimony and faith, and how to pack efficiently. In addition, opportunities for team development (such as Serve Monroe projects) will be part of the preparation process.

What does the cost of the trip include?

The cost of the trip includes your airfare, housing, and meals. It will also cover the costs of the projects that you will be completing with the host church.

When will I need to commit to a trip? Is my money refundable if I change my mind?

At the end of the Gateway meeting, participants will be asked to complete application and information forms and make a $100 deposit to lock in a spot on a mission team.  

All money turned in is NONREFUNDABLE.  This includes money raised and deposited in the mission account at Elevate.  All money raised will be used to support Elevate mission projects.  If a trip is cancelled by the administrative team, all money deposited will remain in your account under your name for a mission trip the following year.

How will we raise money for our trip?

We will teach you how to ask for support using a letter writing process that encourages you to share what going on a mission trip means to you and why you feel God is asking you to take this step in faith.  Raising financial support is the first step in sharing the impact Jesus has had on your life.  We want to encourage you to reach family and friends with the opportunity to become engaged and supportive of what God is doing in the world, whether that is through financial support or with prayer.

What about a passport?

You will need to have a passport; if your passport expires within 6 months after the trip ends, renew it now.

What shots do we need?

The church only requires that you have a tetanus shot, but your health care provider may suggest other vaccinations.  These are entirely up to you.

On the Honduras trip Malaria medication has been recommended. Talk to your doctor concerning the specific medication and requirements.

Who can I talk to that has been on a mission trip with Elevate?

If you click the back button, under the maps you will find a link to click on the trip you are interested in joining, with clicking that a Missions Team Member will contact you to try to answer any questions that you may have