Elevate is a growing church. While we try our best to make you feel at home, we know it can be easy to feel lost—going every weekend but never truly finding your place. That’s why we created Groups at Elevate. In a Group you’ll meet people who live near you, are in the same stage of life as you, or have similar interests.

Elevate Groups are made up of a handful of people that gather throughout the county in living rooms, coffee-shops, and other venues for study, prayer, worship, and simply hanging out with each other. We have Groups for virtually every stage of life— from married couples and singles to youth and seniors.

There are three types of Groups at Elevate:

Growth Groups: People gathering together in comfortable spaces, to build new friendships and talk about life and God and how the two intersect.

Link Groups: People gathering together at relaxed, informal events or opportunities designed to help you build real relationships while having fun!

Support Groups: People that are there for you when you need help, guidance, direction or support in life’s tough times.

Downloadable Brochure

Downloadable Brochure